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MS AD user review tool. Uses LDAP3 for enumeration.
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AD User Review

0. Read the code, it's not ready :) 

1. create a config.json i the same directory

  "user" : "svc-admin-user-review",
  "password" : "password",
  "ad_server": "company-mdc-001.company.int",
  "ad_server_2" : "company-mdc-002.company.int",
  "report_email" : "audit-tool@company.com",
  "exchange_server" : ""

2. Fix the code

3. ...

Solved issues

[x] parsing MS AD dates with Python pandas
[x] calculating inactivity time across AD users
[x] LDAP searches through AD for users, admins, service users etc.
[ ] diff 2 pandas DataFrames to get newly added AD admins
[ ] collect all data into one Email report
[ ] refactor the code, use config variables everywhere 
[ ] handle exceptions